The sport of kings.
There is no greater atheltic event than a gladiatorial death match between angry fowl, known as a cockfight. Bonus: after a cockfight you have a barbecue.
by h3dtr4m4 February 05, 2008
When a series of males argue over who has the biggest penis, and who hurt the slut who fucked all of them the most.
Yo Eric, i had a cock fight with Danny yesterday because of Maria
by Baddest- Bitch April 23, 2005
When two guys masturbate each other until one cums. The one who cums first is the loser and has to submit to the other's demands.
I had a cock fight with Jeremy last night and I came so fast. He made me give him a blow job.
by ajendus December 27, 2009
Like a swordfight, but using your penis to attack your opponent.
They had a cockfight.
by D. Rodriguez February 05, 2011
the process of two guys fighting over a girl
guy1: I WANT HER!

guy2: NO I DO!

person walking by: COCKFIGHT!
by XxI<3gUiTaRxX November 28, 2009
When two people play swords with their dicks.
Victory! I have won the cock fight!
by Coo July 16, 2003
Primarily a Mexican gambling system pitting one male chicken, cock, against another male cock. Typically used with razor beaks, metal claws, and other paraphenalia to kill the other cock faster.
The cockfight has been going on for hours. The challenger cock looks pretty limp after that last blow.
by Shifty Eyed Goat June 18, 2003

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