A cock fest is where their is no females at a party. Some people use the phrase "too many cocks spoil the broth" when attending a cock fest.
Alex "This party is a cock fest"
Toby "Yeah i know, too many cocks spoil the broth"
by Sam mas March 17, 2007
Top Definition
A huge party where only males(cocks) are involved in. An all males party.
We had one hell of a cockfest last night!
by Anthony Vu September 15, 2003
Any social gathering, with a vested interest in the intermingling of men and women, in which the ratio of men to women is in the order of n:1, where n is some number greater than two.
Dude 1: So how was the party last night?

Dude 2: There were, like, no girls there.

Dude 3: Yeah, like 3 guys for every girl.

Dude 1: Cockfest!
by 5249er February 16, 2009
Can be used in many contexts, simply somewhere/a place with many males involved.
It was a cockfest in "club" last night, no pussy anywhere to be seen.
by stonesy September 13, 2007
when turning up at a certain location party, club, festival, that sort thing. To realise there nothing but men there! so it's time to chase the rat and get out of that cock fest!
man1: lets go to bar zaras

man2: fuck i, i'm there.

both men turn up.

man 1 says to man 2 lets get out of here, it's nothing but a cock fest
by lenster 9161 June 15, 2009
party which is mainly full of guys and very few girls
jeez dude, that party last night was a total cockfest
by Dan101 October 15, 2007
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