A man who enjoys the company of another man's penis.
Nitro Ian
by skmastaz January 27, 2004
Top Definition
The best thing anyone has ever yelled in a merionette film (Team America) just before sending some ragheads flying right into the sphynx in an explosive jeep.
Chris: Surprise, cockfags!
by Logz0r September 22, 2005
A word which means a gay person, who has penis on his mind at all times.

Also Used very well in the film Team America: World Police by chris...'Surprise Cock Fags'
hey cockfag, stop bein a cockfag and look at some normal porn

Surprise CockFags
by Dode Webster February 04, 2005
Term referring to a male who has a penis and in turn likes to recieve penis.
You're in for a surprise, Cockfag!
by Talvin June 08, 2005
Cockfag, as opposed to cock or fag, is something that can be used to describe a person that is being a cock and a fag simultaniously.
Dan Wiese, stop being a cockfag!
by 223 November 11, 2005
A homosexual who loves the cock.
Dude, you're such a cock fag!
by Gonad TFC August 02, 2003
A fag, who particularly enjoys cock.
"Surprise Cockfag!" *slap*
by SmokeyMcPimpChimp July 09, 2005
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