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(adj) 1. To be extremely muscular or bulky. 2. (n) A brute
That dude is cockdiesel.
Don't fuck with him, he's a fucking cockdiesel.
by anonymous May 16, 2003
75 12
adj. Very very muscular; extremely stout.
Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be one cock diesel muthafucka
by Marc January 04, 2003
442 118
A human entity that is extremely muscular and ripped out of control. So ripped in fact, that they cannot even turn around to wipe their own ass.
"Damn!" Look at that mafucka cross da street, that mafucka COCK DIESEL!"
by Tom Cluff December 14, 2003
274 86
Very big, strong, buff guy. Lots of muscles.
"That dude is cock diesel, I ain't messin' with him."
by BigWillie December 30, 2004
239 108
When something is so awesome and so sick dick that it blows your mind to almost disbelief and you feel the need to describe it, but normal words/sayings just won't cut it.
Brendan: So where were you last night? You left the bar pretty early.
Edwin: Yeah I know, I met these two sorority girls last night and I ended up going back to their house and had a threesome.
Brendan: Sick dick!
Edwin: No, even better. Turns out we were being super loud while I was giving them both an alabama hot pocket and I woke up one of their other sisters. I guess they're really comfortable with each other because I ended up giving the third girl a birmingham booty call.
Brendan: You're right, thats Cock Diesel!
by Danger McHot Sexypants March 07, 2010
53 59
Giant among men, a person everyone in the world should fear, he is a very intelligent and caring individual but NEVER cross him, he wears a prominent 72 on his sleeve and leg, He keeps everyone around him safe. there is never a time to Question his Authority. He Is as close to a GOD as you will find on this earth
DUDE That Guy at the Compassion center is boss COCK DIESEL, He dont let shit go down!!!
by JimS72 April 12, 2011
16 43
A woman with exceptionally low verbal and intellectual skills, whose only purpose is to be used as a mediocre sex object.
Emmalina is a cockdiesel.
by Tino Martino September 14, 2007
3 40