A derogitory term used when putting a male victim down. This word simple means penispenis, but also means that the person is a dick or a douche bag.
Male Victim: "I plowed your girlfriend bro."
You: "You're a cockdick!"
by SickPhrords July 08, 2010
Top Definition
(noun) an insult used to express an extremely stupid or asshole move.
Greg, why would you light Nick's towel on fire, you cockdick!
by Ian0287 April 29, 2008
The male sex organ of a chicken.

An insult aimed at someone who has a dick that is the size of chicken's.

Herbert's lady friend laughed and pointed at his cock-dick when he whipped it out for her pleasure. She grabbed a magnifying glass instead.
by Jerome Jenkins May 13, 2006
a stupid ass who does stupid things. this term is good to use when observing morons driving, when you have been cut off in traffic, or when observing any other stupid idiotic act by any male.
look at that cockdick in that honda, he thinks it's a race car.

that cockdick just ran that red light.
by navypunk May 16, 2007

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