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IPA: /ˈkɒkdɑː(r)/

When in the vicinity of a female who is deemed fuckable by one, a sensation will be felt in one's body indicating the urge to fuck said female.

The overall detection field is based on many factors: Length of dry spell, satisfaction level of last fucking, hotness of female, age of one who is using cock-dar, experience with females, and experience in use of the cock-dar. In rare occasions, the overall detection field can be affected by one's swagger.

Of course this list does not contain all factors, for the anatomy of each male is different, meaning that different factors will apply to and affect different men.
Guy 1: Oh snap! My cock-dar is going off!
Guy 2: Asian girl at 12'o'clock!

Guy 1: Cock-dar detecting 5 females of fuckable status within the vicinity.
by TsurugiK September 15, 2009
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The special sense that allows a woman to detect, without touching or even crotch-gazing, when a man has a huge penis. Cockdar will often present itself as an intense attraction to a man who is oftentimes not all that attractive, or in some cases, as extreme hostility toward someone with a large penis, because you know he's a douche and doesn't deserve to be well endowed.
"I gotta take that guy home."

"That one? Ew. He's not even cute."

"Hmm, yea, but he's sending my cockdar off the charts."


"I know my cockdar is telling me that guy has a big penis, but I hate him for it because he's just a cocky fucker. Literally."
by Catnymph July 22, 2010
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