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COCKBURN!-- A "COCKBURN!" is a word used to aknowledge that someone has just been screwed over, made fun of, or hustled. A "COCKBURN!" is something you either mumble under your breath, or shout out in excitment. The term cockburn! will come to you-- you can make it what you want. Trust me, you will know when you have been "cockburned!" We are so grateful to Mr. Patrick Cockburn for giving this word meaning, and life. We must also aknowledge Mr. Hamz-- none of this would be possible without Hamz.

sidenote: cockburn! has nothing to do with the terms "cock" or "burn" ... it's just one swift word-- cockburn!

Sarah: Hey... rough day?
Hamz: I got stuck in traffic today, ran out of gas, was late for work, and stepped on gum with my new shoes.
Sarah: oooo, cockburnnn... (mumbling)

Sarah: (Walks into the restaurant and trips)
Nima, Hamz, Sharghi, Natasha, Misha, Siymack, Baharak: COCKBURN!!!!!!!!! (shouting, pointing, and laughing)

by Miss Tina August 10, 2007
32 25
The extremely uncomfortable rash accumulated by masturbating to the point of penile-death.
Man, those pornos at the sperm bank suck, I got cock burn it took me so damn long to get off.
by John Fogerton May 17, 2006
46 9
Masturbating at a fast speed without lubricant, afterwards leaving a rash on the penis.
Guy 1: Dude i was beating off so hard last night, i woke up with a cockburn.
Guy 2: Man, that sucks, those hurt so bad.
by Master Baits. August 14, 2007
53 21
a condition which arises when a mans pubic hair extends onto his shaft like sideburns - prevalent in italians and other typically hairy nationalities.
Guy #1: I'm hoping to get a bj from this slut tonight.

Guy #2: Well you better trim your cockburns or the poor girl might cough up a hairball.
by Rooster41 March 21, 2006
30 3
1. Rubbing the tip of a penis on carpet or other rough surface to cause rash and irritation.
2. The act of pubic hair causing a burning rash and sensation on the the penis.
1. Her pubic hair was so coarse it gave me massive cockburn!
2. You gotta fuck till you feel the cockburn mother fuck!
3. Ride threw the cockburn
4. Cockburn got me off work for a week!
by Moe April 20, 2003
35 33
a sore on the penis usually caused by friction.
I need to put some penis-cream on my cockburn after sex last night.
by derfmonger August 27, 2010
8 10
When you have rough sex with a girl who has major pubic hair, and you wake up the next morning with a rash on your cock.
After the rough sex with the whore last night. cause he can't get any girls without paying them, he woke up with a major cockburn, and an STD but he didn't know that.
by BearMan December 07, 2007
8 22