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1. The act of interfering with anothers attempts to gratify themselves. Usualy sexualy, but does not have to be.

2. Hatin. Being a Hater. Interupting ones advances upon another individual.
1. Yo, I tried to fuck Keshia but her sister was cockblockin by staying in the room with us.

2. Im tryna get my freak on with this chick in the club, but the bouncer keeps cockblockin.
by Leezy October 09, 2006
32 5

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when a guy is tryna holla at a girl but anotha guy interferes.
"I was at the mall and I was talk to this fine ass gurl, but den this dude gon' come and start cock blockin me. I almost beat his ass!"
by FyNeMa4ShO August 14, 2005
58 13
when a guy is tryin to get laid but
his friend or a her friend or any random person who is a dickhead prevents it
"dude you were totally cock blockin me!!"
by wassup wassup October 28, 2007
42 3
Cock blockin has many definitions.

1.The most commonly used definition for cock blockin is basically the term for an act that someone does on purpose that sabotages a males attempts to have sexual relations with a prospective female. This is usually done by someone close to you and knows how to manuever such acts without appearing to have those intentions. This term can be stated by either a male or female.

2. The lesser known definition for the term cock blockin is when an amatuer dj is learning and needs to practice on other peoples equipment until they can afford to get their own, when a very experienced dj or someone who is just a control freak prevents the amatuer from being able to practice, therfore blockin the progress that could have been attained through practicing.

3. Cock blockin is also a way of describing a female who attempts to demonstrate an appearance of dominance through body language, verbal insinuations, and also chooses to ignore the other women she feels intimidated by, which prevents any form of friendship. A woman who cock blocks usually has had many unsatisfying sexual relationships and is jealous of a woman who has experienced love. She will intentionally compete for that males attention fully aware that he is attached, only as an attempt to capture the other females essence of love. This type of cock blockin is common with prostitues and strippers.
Seriously, that's cock blockin for real!!!!
by frankie5x April 17, 2011
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