Somone who will fuck up your whole night by flirting with the girl your trying to hook up with.
If you want to get some,don't invite those guys, they are all a bunch of cock blockers.
by gettinglaid282 April 21, 2010
a fat ugly man who tries to get in the middle of all your relationships.

You do not want this fat ugly man yet he tries to raise hell between you and your boyfriends or guys you talk to.

He's the ultimate cockblocking hater who's mad he couldnt get laid if his life depended on it and needs to go the hell away.
Vitale is a big fat hairy italian cockblocker who needs to go croak.
by not your girlfriend January 28, 2009
A man who prevents another man from having sexual intercourse with a woman
Daragh Burns, famous Irish actuarist was notorious for being a cock blocker
by Dwight_showman November 24, 2008
walking in a room asking for cheesepuffs while two people try to get there GAME ON!
christian walks into rebeccas room while rebecca and andy are trying to get it on.
he asks "rebecca do u have any cheesepuffs in your magical fridge of hope and wonder?"
rebecca says "uhh...noo"
and andy says "dude! stop being a cock blocker!"
christian get mad because andy called him a cockblocker and he couldnt get his dangg cheese puffs.
by kelly,krystine&bridgette January 02, 2008
Someone who prevents you from getting some, such as Aaron Disease.
That cockblocker kept following us around.
by byahhh October 12, 2006
A person who is a hater and/or jealous and blocks, distracts, gets in the way of a person about to get lucky so that the act never happens. A person who ruins a good thing for another person. A distraction someone uses to gain the attention of someone who is not giving them the time of day, or is giving their attention to someone other than them.
by Prinzess10 December 09, 2013
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