one who keeps the poon running away
Cockblocker Duztin has a keen ability to drive the women away
by chuck d March 28, 2003
todd gibson is a cockblocker,he blocks others from a coworker he had already and dont want any longer.
he goes to extream to not let orther around her when she is drinking.
by robin allen October 22, 2003
When assisting a customer at a retail store, getting your sale on, and the girlfriend comes and says, "you look gay." Your sale is gone. You've been cockblocked.
As soon as I got him to put on one of those $500 shirt, his girlfriend totally cock blocked me. What a bitch.
by hurricane November 07, 2003
One who cockblocks, typically used to identify an individual who, intentionally or not, avoids in engaging in contact with another person, whether by phone, email or in person. The term infers a connotation that the individual in question avoid said contact is a basic "DICK" in nature for avoiding such contact.
I've been trying to get in touch with Todd all day, but that cockblocker's been dodgin' me left and right.
by Pottsy November 17, 2004
Andy Long
"Who cockblocked you?"

"It was Andy Long."
by Janet Reno March 26, 2003
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