one who blocks other guys cocks when trying to insert in vagina, or mouth of woman.
Jeremy is king cock-blocker.
by Wages March 04, 2008
a person who truly stops at nothing to prevent another (usually a male) from getting any type of burn.
when sean saw that mahsul was getting too much burn he initiated the cock blocker 3000 (a.k.a Max) who then approched Mahsul and asked him for the hw... while he got it from his bag max began talking to the girl.... max then left with mahsuls hw, his girl, and his dignity.... the encounter ended with mahsul calling max a cock blocker.
by Firekrotch September 27, 2007
A defensive kung fu move popularized by the late Bruce Lee.
'I fight with this one guy who use penis as main weapon. So, naturally, I find myself developing the move I now call COCK BLOCKER. Whyyyyyyyyy yah! Of course.'
by The Definition King August 15, 2007
One who prevents a guy from banging a girl. Usually a friend or family member, motivated either by jealousy or the fact that they can't get any and don't want to see you get some.
I put the moves on Jane last night but her protective cockblocker brother aggressively cockblocked me and asked me to leave the party as he didn't want me to get any.
by igotcockblocked February 12, 2006
my mom. missy hartzog
P1: i was trying to get my freak on with some chick but my mom cock blocked and stopped my game.

P2: man whata bitch. your mom needs to be euthanized. she is such a cock blocker!

P1: word! agreed!
by ihatemymom September 15, 2010
a person who stops you from fucking this fine ass bitch. shouts ya heard me!
matt cock blocks smoky from phrea .
by smoky January 01, 2004
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