an usually ugly, overweight, rejected or frustated woman or Feminazi lesbo that always is trying to stop a man from wooing one of her female friends ( usually her best friend)by brainwashing her against him.
" Im tired of that cock blocker bee itch ! always brainwashing Lucille"
by gigantus March 10, 2006
when you are excited about getting a girl who you really like and a stupid dumbfuck fucks it up for you!
otis scrivner cockblocked me last night, so now i'm going to jack off on his face!
by Texas Tech guy who got cockblocked November 12, 2004
a person who can't get any at that particular time so they make sure that any attempts that are made on or by you to get some sexual satisfaction are thwarted so that they are not lonely
i wanted to get some at home but my friend keeps calling even though they know we are getting "busy"
by Cathy October 18, 2003
The less attractive of the two. She'll ruin your approach, flow, and groove. She will stand in the way of you making your move. Insert your best friend to run interference for a couple of plays. Get some and then break up with the girl saying that you don't want to see her anymore because of her annoying friend. Problem becomes solution.
John blocked the cockblocker so I could knock it with Cheryl. John ditched the cockblocked after eating all the candy bars that she had in her purse. I got laid and then broke up their friendship (for her own good) and now it's Saturday.
by Christopher Handsome March 28, 2003
Cock is another word for penis & normally when you 'block' something you are either stopping something, or preventing something from happening. the term is normally used when you a preventing someone from having sex.
mike..."i am so fuck off right now"

mikes friend..."why"
mike..."i were getting to know some hot chick last night and she were getting all up on me, then peter walked in the room and then this hot chick got up and walked off"
mikes firend..."wow peter is a total cock blocker"
by duttyriddem July 19, 2010
A jerk Someone who interupts an act or conversation such as
Ie: grinding or Flirtatous conversation
Roots of orgin: my friends locker , english decent ( the american kind)
example:stop bieng a cock blocker!
by Kip0130 March 15, 2007
roommate who's afraid of penis and can't stop talking... she also wants every guy to want her, but won't do anything when she has them in her bed. tries to prevent roommates from getting any, at all times. BIGGEST COCKBLOCKER EVERRRR
Elizabeth never has sex... her goal in life is making sure her roommates have even less sex than she does. she is a cockblockin bitch... and she knows it
by i want some ass March 29, 2004

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