An ugly and/or fat girl or gameless dude who, out of lonliness or possibly sheer contempt keep others from achieving sexual satisfaction with a chosen partner.
That motherfucker Jrge is a cockblocking motherfucker
Someone who blocks the shot of someone other than themselves getting sex.
Im trying to get with boy for the night and my girl is being a cockblocker by calling me every minute on the hour.
by HoneybrwnDyme January 12, 2003
A person who is a hater and/or jealous and blocks, distracts, gets in the way of a person about to get lucky so that the act never happens. A person who ruins a good thing for another person. A distraction someone uses to gain the attention of someone who is not giving them the time of day, or is giving their attention to someone other than them.
by Prinzess10 December 09, 2013
A girl who continuosly knocks on your apartment door right as you are going to get busy with your boyfriend.
Knock knock....shit, it's Tia, AGAIN! She is such a Cock Blocker!
by sinderella16 July 25, 2011
one who prevents one from engaging in pleasurable experiences with another person.
this scenario generally happens when the "cockblocker" is jealous because THEY aren't getting and if they can't have any then neither can you.

cockblockers come in many different forms. Such as the one upper, the show off, the moneybags, the never ending bullshitter and the man with the stuff.

ex "dude! why you gotta bring up old shit. i was totally about to hit that. you're such a cockblocker"

ex "i was totally about to bone my girlfriend, and then Nathan showed up and she said there was no way"
by the DanL March 16, 2010
1. A guy who decides to get in the way of his best friends relationship with another girl that he's also intresed in.
Boy to girl he's dating: Wow emil is such a cock blocker! He would not leave us alone!!!
by Hippo lander March 23, 2009
1. a female/male that prevents someone from getting sex.
2. someone who blocks the cock.
3. Luana
Luanaaa Ribeiro

"Daaamn look at Luana shes a hardcore cockblocker!"
by carolbitchh May 29, 2007

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