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when a dumb ass bitch that isnt hot or attractive and you dont even communicate with basically makes some random shit up about you and her hooking up to make that fly ass hoe you are thinkin of bonin only look at you as a complete busta, but in all actuality the cockblock or as we call them on da street..."hoodrat" or "bitchass" is the only busta around. The cock block usually is just in da club frontin...
its poppin in da club and ma boy jay is feelin dis fly ass hunny...

-jay: so emily lets go to the trap or somethin, you fine as hell and you know a d-boi like me wants to hit all night, yeeeeeeeeeeeeah.
-emily: well its obvious you aint frontin g, so hold up while i go tell the girls you gon give it up to me tonight.
-jay: aight bitch make it quick though, my dick feels like its gonna burst out my fuckin pants man shit...

emily is now with her bitches when all the sudden a cockblock (lindsay) comes over with a major kill...and killa cam and santana themselves make an appereance...

-emily: i cant wait to get pounded by jay tonight, i hope he tears me apart.
-lindsay: oh yeah i made out with jay kyd, you already know.
-emily: shieeeet meng
-jay: yo lindsay stop being a mo fuckin cockblock and go suck a dick, no homo.
-killa cam: yeah yeah jay rep yo hood kyd AY! AY!
-emily: is this true jay, because it sure would make you look like a busta, i mean shit son, damn...
-jay: man emily lindsay is a hoodrat, and a cockblock ya heard?
-emily: fo sho
-jay and emily: one.
-this is killa cam and i just wanna say...yo lindsay go get ya wet wipes...I see your head lights, dey NOT lookin dead nice they got me sayin D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-damn.

by killa! August 28, 2006
7 27
One who prevents another from scoring sexually.
Trudy and Dan frequently had time alone but her cockblocking roommate ruined any chances they had to have sex.
by Miss Priss April 13, 2003
22597 2843
1. To prevent a male friend or associate from getting some action.

2. Any such attempt to prevent a male friend or associate from getting some action.
1. Damn, Johnny just totally cockblocked his roommate. Ass.

2. OK, Isaac's making his move on Clarisse in the living room, and the game is on in fifteen minutes. We're going to have to attempt a cockblock.
by Jake April 12, 2003
2831 586
1.) To interfere with someone who is getting acquainted with, conversing with, or hooking up with a member of the opposite sex

2.) A motor vehicle maneuver, usually done by insecure twenty-something males (who think that everybody wants to race them) and other ignorant people, designed to prevent someone from changing lanes in traffic
1.) At the club, Sal was was about to get Lisa's phone number, when Nathan came up cock-blocked him by asking him if he found a job yet. He made it even worse when he reminded Sal that they had to hurry up and catch the last bus home. Lisa rolled her eyes and walked away.

2.) I realized that my exit was coming up so I began to change lanes, but that ricer cock-blocked me

3.) The traffic on the highway was hell, mostly because of that soccer mom driving the minivan in the far left lane, pacing and matching speeds with the semi in the middle lane. She cock-blocked us all.
by TheGrandInquisitor January 24, 2005
2979 1782
1.The act of obstructing one person's advances towards another.
2.A situation that obstructs; an obstacle
3.An act of ill etiquette in which a male is speaking to one female in a group of females, and the alpha female creates a disruptive environment.
She is cockblocking you bro.
by The GIMP September 23, 2003
996 407
a person who interferes with one's sexual intentions with another person
Randy was a cockblock because he told Jaime that this guy she knew was just using her for sex.
by Bob Mastuff October 13, 2003
729 265
(n.) one who prevents another from getting "play", "poontang", etc.
(v.) any action that impedes or stalls another's "game", "mack", or "pimp manuver"
(n.) I was dancing with this girl, when this cock-block stepped in between us and started grinding with her.
(v.) I had finally convinced Susan to go to my friend's keg party with me, when my Dad cock-blocked me by taking away my car keys.
by MCKREWGA September 13, 2003
1368 969
1. To interfere with a man's attempts to seduce a woman.

2. abbr. Cockblocker(n.)
I was putting the move on this chick and Ralph showed up and cockblocked me.
by anonymous February 06, 2003
553 228