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A flimsy female who is considerably easy to put your dick in.
A Cockbag is a girl who will let any guy in her.

"Oh dude! that girl is such a Cockbag! any guy can stick it in her....u don't even have to buy her a drink!"

"Cockbags....for guys who don't get any"
by Pete Dowse September 30, 2007
Someone who is cocky, arrogant, conceited, a little flimsy, and kinda dumb but who also carries around a big dick. Also known as a BDB. See also BDB.
You have no clue what you are saying, you cockbag. Quit saying the word "brah", you cockbag.
by Henry P. May 29, 2008
A person who you dont like and resembles a bag of cock. You probably know many people who you could call a cock bag.
For example, I dont like that motha fucka lenny. He's a real cockbag
by Tino Granzelus June 25, 2007
A condom; A prophylactic rolled down the shaft of a cock to prevent a nut from escaping or a bug from infecting.
"My Girlfriend sara refuses to let me fuck her if I'm not wearing a cockbag.
by Jschlandt February 28, 2008
Any frustrated golfer that has added at least two definitions for this word after losing in golf.
"Scruffy continually added to the original definition of "cockbag" even after losing to Rusty during the infamous "tightnum" round, clearly qualifying him as "cockbag," and maybe even "cockbag of the year."
by Anonymous May 09, 2003
A word frequently used by several members of World of Warcraft guild "VB" in Boulderfist server. It is often used by its raid leader, Woofs, when referring other members of the guild. It is not meant to be an insult, as he addresses himself as the #1 cockbag.
PST Woofs for invite, cockbags
YOU GOD DAMN COCKBAGS, get your heads out of your asses!!!
by VB Anonymous May 08, 2006
A condom Rubber
I dont wanna catch that thing on your cock! Wear a cockbag!
by Devonne March 08, 2004