A. A superb word to describe anything and everything that you dont like.
B. A Ball Sack. (Synonym: A Hairy Bean Bag.)
Your all a bunch of f$$king cockbags!!!
by dynoballz April 04, 2003
A word screamed before running enemies over in call of duty 3. Used to instill fear into all opponents.

see Uber Pwn3ge
by John McCocksalot September 12, 2007
Generally speaking, a "cockbag" is a reference to a plastic recepticle other than a condom or grocery bag used to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

May refer to a bag-like structure used to house male genitals.

Can also be used as a derogatory term to psychologically harm another person.
1) When I was engaging in sexual intercourse with your mother, my cockbag busted and my seed spilled into her bat cave.

2) You are a cockbag, you bitch ass nigga.
by Carlo von Sexton January 20, 2006
Taking it to a level above Douche Bag. It doesnt get much worse than that. It is tough for a definition because it is Very Self-Explanatory!!!
My Boss came down on me hard today, he is such a Cock Bag!!!
by Tifo71 January 15, 2009
used to describe a person. basically the same meaning as asshole, douchebag, etc.
Rick is the biggest cockbag I've ever met in my life!
by dboyfromdahood August 04, 2013
a person who is so big a dick, they have to be pluralized and contained in a bag.
Bono is a prime example of a cock bag
by jconvery January 22, 2010
A bag of cocks, a leather bag
Tristan: What is a cockbag?
Hudson: A bag of cocks, a leather bag.
by Rufus Gandolff March 30, 2008
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