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Generally speaking, a "cockbag" is a reference to a plastic recepticle other than a condom or grocery bag used to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

May refer to a bag-like structure used to house male genitals.

Can also be used as a derogatory term to psychologically harm another person.
1) When I was engaging in sexual intercourse with your mother, my cockbag busted and my seed spilled into her bat cave.

2) You are a cockbag, you bitch ass nigga.
by Carlo von Sexton January 20, 2006
This word can be used in many forms. 1. It is mostly associated with the sack containing the two testicles.
2. To make fun of someone with a very low IQ or stupid action that they just performed.
1. Mary loves to play with my cock bag.
2. After Jerry dropped the box, Jay called out, " You stupid Cock Bag!!!"
by Frank April 29, 2004
A word used describe someone who acts in a manner that causes that person to appear to have the personality of hairy, sweaty beanbag.
That guy Rusty? What a cockbag! He probably buys gimmick golf clubs...cockbag!
by frostyballz April 29, 2003
A. A superb word to describe anything and everything that you dont like.
B. A Ball Sack. (Synonym: A Hairy Bean Bag.)
Your all a bunch of f$$king cockbags!!!
by dynoballz April 04, 2003
A statement describing the uselessness of a certain individual
"Brett sucks at Madden so bad he's just a big cock bag!" Tim complained at work.
by Chan Man June 11, 2003
A burlap sack full of penises.
Person 1: Wow, that's a lot of penises you have there. How are you going to carry them?

Person 2: With this cockbag, of course. <shows burlap sack>
by Suavebugger November 04, 2009
n. Condom. Used to physically block semen ejaculated during intercourse. Prevents worthless people from reproducing and protects the rest of us from sexually transmitted diseases.
I'd never stick it in that whore... without a cock bag!!! Yay for latex!
by Rusty Dalton July 28, 2008
Any bag containing or being carried by Kanye West.
That man purse is the kind of cockbag that Kanye West would own.

I just killed Kanye West and I'm carrying him out of here in that black cockbag.
by Suavebugger November 04, 2009