an event when a girl uses both her hands, mouth, even feet for a special celebration for her male partner with a great fulfillment finale
Joyce gave her husband a cock-a-thon to celebrate his promotion
by gringo feliz October 07, 2013
Top Definition
Like a marathon but with cocks.
Ah i see you have been training for the london cockathon.
Ah yes, it took me while, but i think i am ready.
by Patrick McGuinness September 03, 2007
Large group of raving roosters
Theres a cockathon going on in that barn over there!
by peterpan101 July 08, 2009
To describe a huge problem or 'cock-up' of gargantuan proportions.
Sean - "fook me did ya see the game last night?"

J-Blo -"Aye - what a bloody cock-a-thon that was!"
by herbie-T September 14, 2007
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