Word produced when one attempts to call someone a "Cock smoker" and an "asshole" at the same time.
Shut the fuck up you......(obnoxious pause)....COCKASS!
by Szymaa June 17, 2004
a person who is so greasy that they could go to macdonalds and be employed for filling the the deepfryers. this person can be a flamer, an annoying son of a bitch or just a plain fuckin' cockass. it can also generally mean that you like cock in the ass, or you can use it as an insult with no real meaning just that it has the words "cock" and "ass" in it
"FUCK you you cockass"
"Man, he is such a cockass"
"ha ha, shut up you cockass..."
by gsnail December 15, 2005
someone whom has a cock in there ass!
what do you get if you put a cock and an ass together? you, ya fucken cock ass!
by nick r t September 18, 2006
a being who posesses a stuck up, mean attitude
shut up you fucking cockass
by cambria January 04, 2003
to recieve a cock in the ass, or to catch a cock within your anus, and or to be a complete asshole.
Wow, Gerald your the biggest cock ass ever!
by Gerald K January 29, 2008
dumb, stupid, completely exasperated insult.
Cock Ass!!!!
by Peter Donohoe June 27, 2003
billy apt
by joe dagag July 08, 2003

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