1 A cockass is used when the length of the penis isn't sufficient to pleasure a girl.

2 A short kid that has a rumour about his penis size.
1 Yo, I was fucking this girl with my Jordan, but compared to the other dicks she's seen, she said it was a cockass!

2 Hey Abrams, I heard your a huge cockass? How big is it?
by Space Jam Jardens March 30, 2011
its an insult too.
you fucking cockass!
by Lil Chen May 16, 2008
someone who walks around with a cock in their ass
"Quit being such a cockass."
"Hey, look at that cockass."
by GAKB December 27, 2006
a retarded person or a term used to make fun of someone
"you cock-ass bitch"
by stupac July 17, 2004
The term 'Cockass' refers to a faggot, or just some idiot who has pissed you off. Calling someone a 'Cockass' is another way of calling them a faggot, in comparison to a fag recieving a cock in his ass.

Also, never use this term around a gay, or you WILL regret it. Unless you love being man handled and have a throbbing cock in your ass.
d00d1: Whats going on?

d00d2: Mind your own damn business, Cockass.

d00d1: What the fuck? I'm not gay.

d00d2: Yes you are, now fuck off, queer.
by Champagne___ March 06, 2010
Cockass = George W. Bush.
George W. Bush is an cockass.
by fdjhhd December 17, 2006
an annoying homosexual that tries to act straight in front of you when you're around other peopl, but once he gets you alone he makes moves on you and tries to put his cock in your ass
Lavely, get the fuck away from me. You are being such a cockass. You always try to get me up the ass whenever we're alone. Queer.
by john5566666666 October 29, 2009
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