An exhortation indicating severe displeasure with the current circumstances.
Mariah Carey survived a heroin overdose? Cockass!
by danielle February 12, 2005
A negative term used to describe someone.
He's a fucking cockass!!
by Caustic August 29, 2003
Someone who is both a cock and an ass
Sean is a cockass
by bigdaddyfatsacks January 26, 2010

Someone who is extremely stupid.
An idiot.
Someone who is goofing off.
Bo, don't be such a cockass.
by Calli March 28, 2004
What you say when you call someone a cockass and get too carried away and mess up the pronunciation.
FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING COCKASS!! (With strange pronunciation.)
by TeddeM April 05, 2003
It's the offspring of a Donkey and a rooster
Look at that baby Cockass
by Tom August 17, 2004
A genetically modified donkey with rabies.
That guy who banned me is such a cockass.
by CCHW July 11, 2014

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