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A portmanteau of 'cock' and 'rockapella'. When a guy has sex without playing any music, one can say he's doing in cockapella.
Dude: I'm thinking of making a move on Maria
Friend: Want to borrow my Shade album?
Dude: No, I think I'll do it cockapella
by TheGriz April 01, 2009
The art of having sexual intercourse without the use of "instruments" (dildos,vibrators,etc.)
Last night, my girl and I rocked it cockapella style!
by Moose_Testes_2_oh_such_fun May 17, 2009
Singing in harmony with a large dick in your mouth
did you listen to hillary clinton's new cockapella song with sarah palin?
by hillaryclinton<3cock December 31, 2010
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