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Referring to another person using a falsified story to make themselves feel big 'n' hard.
Jonny told me this cockandballs story about how he kicked the naff out of some bloke in church.
by G Bud October 31, 2007
6 2
The two things that a woman constantly craves
She wants my cock and balls
by Travman December 01, 2002
353 85
Ask Adam Sandler. He mastered the phrase.
Oh wassamadda baby? Go play with your cock and balls for mamma. Stroke your shlong and whack your nuts, then momma will make you a sandwich.
by Andi March 03, 2005
167 81
The entire span of a male's genitals as a whole. Instead of the seperatist 'cock and balls', the zen pronunciation would not include the spatial demarcations between the words, allowing the phrase to flow when spoken, into a state of oneness.
I heard Lewie got punched in the cockandballs by Baby's tongue while he slept.
by Mikey G October 20, 2003
30 7
A very fun game to play in public, especially on the Metro in Paris.

It all starts when one person randomly yells COCK! when they are in a group of people. Someone else in the group needs to catch up on what they are doing and yell AND! and a third person needs to finish off the game by yelling BALLS! It must be totally spontaneous.

PENIS-AND-TESTICLES may also be shouted, but COCK-AND-BALLS is a classic.

Scream is as loud as you can!
Pat: COCK!
Liz: AND!
Karen: BALLS!
by Cherie June 06, 2003
15 5
When things are not in your control or a reaction to a lie
Raag: So we are not going to Disney land any more as one of the workers got electrocuted, hence, the park is shut down for a few days.
Kart: Freakin' cock and balls!!!
by Mohyal82 July 01, 2012
9 2
A phrase that can be translated as the number "100"
Jennifer: Hey, what did you get on your exam?

Adam: Cock and balls!!

Jennifer: Great job!
by Urban Dictionarion January 23, 2012
11 8