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Adj.: Crazy, Off-kilter. A word you use when you can't think of the proper terminology.
"This cockamamie washing machine never works properly."
by Creedmoor October 11, 2004
71 20
Talking out of your ass. Bullshit.
He was telling me how he pulled this hoe, and I asked him 'what kind of cockamamie story was that?'

by Quads_Poker October 31, 2006
55 21
Trifling; nearly valueless.
Bond, James Bond, told a cockamamie story.
by Ozzie August 21, 2003
27 29
1) adj. foolish, silly, unreasonable.

2)v. to have sexual intercourse with the dead widow of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
1) Invading Iraq was a cockamamie idea.

2) I wanna cockamamie but the best I can do is get a handjob from Ladybird Johnson.
by Polly Tiki January 18, 2005
22 35