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Spanish. Means dirty in masculine form. Cochina is the feminine form of the word. Could refer to something with a sexual connotation, but not necesarily.
Ewww...you ate your booger? Cochino!
You're such a cochina, but I like it when you do that to me.
by Maria Raquel October 17, 2007
Cochino (coe-chee-noe, N.A. "cochini", SPAN "cochino", literally meaning "pig"): A young man with questionable motivations concerning young women, usually of a lewd, erotic nature. Typically having a voracious sexual appetite and prone to constantly making advances on girls.
"Mija, I no want you talking to that boy Eric anymore, he's a cochino!"
by Jimmy January 02, 2005
An adjective describing someone who wants to have sex with someone else in the butt when the poop comes out.
Manuel: Oohhhuunnngh, Mercedes, I want to have sex with you in the butt when the poop comes out.
Mercedes: Cochino!
by scifiducky September 04, 2009