the finer things in life,
rich mans speed,
the one love of my life! my reason my heartbeats (too fast!)
Evil, destructive drug which destroys (other)peoples' brains/ lives; discovered by a German fuckwit in the 19th Century. Makes you feel great(and treat other people like shit, so it should suit the human race).
Cocaine addicts, Oasis, Maradona, that Jewish singer whose name escapes me, Kate Moss, the creep in Diehard,
by I'm the slime October 19, 2010
A white powder that when snorted it gives you the extraordinary effect that the more you do the more you'll laugh out of context.
*Bob snorts a line of cocaine*

Justin: Can I borrow your phone? My wife has just been in a car crash

Bob: Really?! HAHAHAHA! Ohhhh man...

*Snorts another line*

Justin: I'm serious dude, she's fighting for her life

Bob: HAHAHAHA! Please stop man, my sides are splitting!
by Bennisanarchy February 19, 2009
God's choice powder.
The lord Jesus Christ came to earth to snort some cocaine.
by nicolas sarkozy September 19, 2007
Caffeine for a dumbass.
Oh my goodness lets do cocaine so we can be like models and rockstars.
by L0VE December 03, 2005
An energy drink that is sold at very few conveinence stores that burns going down and coming out.

Brings such a crazy high and declares upon its can that is the "legal substitute" to the actual drug.

Did I mention that it burns?
Ray and I drunk Cocaine in the cafe.

Ray and I couldn't stop twitching and laughing after drinking Cocaine.

Imma go to the store and get 5 or 6 cans of cocaine for our trip.
by stup1dity May 06, 2007
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