a pair of fresh white on white air force ones
yo i went to foot locker and got some fresh cocaines.
by Kandy S April 02, 2006
a good drug. and if it burns your nose, you must have gotten some really bad shit. it only burns if it is mixed with baking soda, u dumbshits. it numbs u if its real.it numbs ur throat and ur nose and it numbs the inside of ur mouth if u put some in there. it feels very good to be coked out. its not that addicting either. it tastes like asprin.but its fucking fun.
i love cocaine!!!!
by TheShit July 01, 2004
A drug used by retards and Dick-Heads.
"How Can you?" -DickHead on Cocaine
"By figuring it out..." -Pweb
by Pwebster June 01, 2011
The stupidest drug ever. Makes you lose feelings for people you love and turns you into an asshole. Once you become addicted it's the ONLY thing you want or care about. Don't let someone you love do it :(
Girlfriend: "I LoVe YoU baBe!"
Coked-out boyfriend: "Shut the fcuk up i hate you. Get my cocaine NOW."

by iLuJfA. May 22, 2006
Coke, blow, yeyo, yey, powder, nose candy, white, magic dust...
I love cocaine.
by LaLa January 05, 2004
Evil, destructive drug which destroys (other)peoples' brains/ lives; discovered by a German fuckwit in the 19th Century. Makes you feel great(and treat other people like shit, so it should suit the human race).
Cocaine addicts, Oasis, Maradona, that Jewish singer whose name escapes me, Kate Moss, the creep in Diehard,
by I'm the slime October 19, 2010
A white powder that when snorted it gives you the extraordinary effect that the more you do the more you'll laugh out of context.
*Bob snorts a line of cocaine*

Justin: Can I borrow your phone? My wife has just been in a car crash

Bob: Really?! HAHAHAHA! Ohhhh man...

*Snorts another line*

Justin: I'm serious dude, she's fighting for her life

Bob: HAHAHAHA! Please stop man, my sides are splitting!
by Bennisanarchy February 19, 2009

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