the best fucking drug in the world
£40 a gram
by stephen spileberg August 18, 2003
pure columbian uncut conaine is said to be the white mans devil. main cities of distibution include miami and several cities in southern california. very addictive and is said to be one of the best highs out of the drug choice. the high is a basic pleasure trip with feelings of peacefullness, with no anxiety and worries of the outside world. cocaine when cut can sometimes be mixed with various substances adding to the weight of the finished product. NICE
cocaine, candy(nose candy), whitey, snow, "skiing the slopes", shuga, a very simple but complex nod to a freind next to you signaling for the process of inducing uhuh.
by ASAGOR September 21, 2006
the most enjoyable drug i've ever taken. simple tools needed for snorting (nothing like weed whereas you need a bowl or a soda can if you want to be cheap): a nice, clean, hard surface (i used a book), a dollor bill, and a razorblade or credit card. it made my nose, tongue and lips pleasantly numb. it's not hard to get, felt much more alert after, although my eyes felt like they didn't need to blink because the pupils become dilated and bigger. definitely up there along with acid and x (i favor acid more)
snort cocaine through your nose
by chrissayyy August 14, 2006
1. a drug synthesized by Albert Niemann, a German, 1860, taken from the alkaloid of the cocoa plant, which is then turned into powder-like base.

2. a highly powerful and addictive central nervous system stimulant that is off-white, ecru in color, which is sold in rock or powder form. Purity varies greatly, and one can tell really good cocaine by looking at the flake-like, sparkling effects of the product.

3. a highly addictive, seductive drug that produces both stimulation and sedation (that is why it is so great of a high, so difficult to keep in check). It alters mood, emotion, appetite, thinking, and libido.

4. a drug that proves toxic for most individuals: COCAINE is very powerful that mostly all users will become addicted and binge. One might think they have it in control. It starts off being a social high then it becomes a solo high. Users usually take a few years of cocaine use to develop cocaine abuse.

5. a drug that produces powerful, exhilarating effects and results to serious health problems.

first two years: I went out last night and did cocaine with friends; wow, it was great.

two years and after: I didn't go out last night, but I did cocaine all by myself; wow, it was great....I spent $250 in one night.

Sorry, I cannot got to work for the next four days...I just got off a serious coke-binge.

Fuck, I just did $60 of coke in two hours...I'm a fucking pig.

Yo, I wanna gangbang raw...I got coke dick.

I just did too much blow. Now, I have hemmoroids and acid reflux disease. Some people get AIDS.


by merc, the boricua December 30, 2007
Party drug which brings out a fiending in people when alcohol is consumed. Chances are, if you have used grout before, you will fiend for it when you are drunk.
I am so drunk, i need to get some cocaine to sober me up!
by Prince Nasim September 03, 2004
The best damn drug out there. It's psychologically addictive, meaning you'll probably think about it a lot, but cocaine doesnt have any physical withdrawal symptoms like alcohol and heroin. Also very expensive, usually $40 a gram is straight ($100-120 for an 8 ball) but if you're getting some fishscale paying $50 a gram is still worth it ($120-150 a ball).

Good coke will make you hornier than E, calmer than weed and it'll make you really focused. Be warned tho, some dealers like to cut their white with meth which will make you really hyper. An experienced user will be able to tell right away, but if you're new to coke be careful who you get it from.
Do cocaine when you go out partying in conjunction with lots of Jack Daniels for one hell of a Friday night.
by n eazy February 03, 2008
the reason my older brother got expelled from highschool. he might go to prison. he smoked weed for 4 years tried cocaine and completely fucked his, mine and my parents life up.
cocaine sucks fat dick
by anomonous August 03, 2007
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