A drug, illegal in most countries, that often comes in powdered form. See coke and cokehead.
"If you wanna get down, down under ground, cocaine."
by buddhablaze January 28, 2003
Butter, jolts, skedeetz, bumps, yey.
we need some butter.
by trick January 26, 2004
cocaine is fucking good when pure like 1 REAL gram should get u fucked if u sniff a line every 10 min, i think it should be legal
i am just happy i am on coke and not on other shit sometime
by drugdenlsd May 12, 2005
sounds like a bunch of coke heads, "its not addictive, but i love it" u fools shut the fuck up mayne. THIZZ, WEED AND DRANK is all im gonna put in ma tank, roast a mo fuckin BLEEZIE you beezies
cocaine: the only reason fo yayo is to make yo mail
by WEEDsmokinWILLIE May 09, 2006
Adjective. Used in a context to describe something that is "above and beyond" or "top of the line"; a person, place or thing which is penultimate in it's own category.
"That Ferrari is fucking COCAINE!"

"Last year's spring break trip to Mexico was COCAINE!"

"This hamburger is COCAINE"

"Goddamn she's got a COCAINE ass."
by Hebert October 31, 2006
the presence of heartless and flave money in a sistuation invovling money or power
wow i see cocaine... heartless must be here
by dave March 21, 2003
an addictive drug derived from coca or prepared synthetically, used as an illegal stimulant and sometimes medicinally as a local anaesthetic
Person 1: want some cocaine?

Person 2: dude, of course duh
by The Master of Random Words June 29, 2016
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