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Phrase used to describe the showing of teeth by a shallow, empty, completely void person-See Positively 4th Street. This gesture is almost always totally see-through by people with any self-esteem what-so-ever. People whom smile this way do it to hide the fact that they are completely miserable. It is not limited to people on drugs, however, when doing cocaine almost noone ever smiles while high on the drug-thus the emphasis on the gesture being absolutely empty. This is a tool that dishonest manipulative people use to get what they want and or take advantage of someone.
James: Damn, P, Jen has got her highbeams on tonite.
P: No kiddin' man! She flashed me that cocaine smile of hers trying to get me to buy her a drink...Fuckin shallow bitch.
James: Yeah i know.... How the fuck did we ever get mixed up with that bitch???
P: I have no idea......

*GIA felt completely empty after her last shot was gone and the sickness was approaching...but she put on her best cocaine smile to finish her shoot so she could get paid*
by James iz October 16, 2006
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