When you take a shit so nasty that the next person to use the bathroom needs to send in a canary first to make sure the air isn't poisonous
I just took a coal miner in the john, you might want to wait a few minutes before you go in or you could choke to death.

On my poop-gas.
by Poopadynitz November 29, 2012
A coal miner is a sexual term that relates to a type of woman with an amazing body but a not so great face. This is a type of woman one would like to have sex with in the dark but wear a COAL MINER's helmet to stare at her ass doggystyle.
Guy1: damn that girl has a nice body
Guy2: eh but look at her face....
Guy1: She's definitely a coal miner
by l3urkles January 07, 2014
When a white girl likes only black men...
Stupid coal miners...
by brad mcdaniel March 01, 2003
When you give your partner a rimjob and they forgot to wipe.
"I gave my wife a rimjob the other day and she forgot to wipe, so I ended up with a Coal Miner"
by Besitzend July 22, 2008
A Butt rapist
John Howard Getting it done by George W. Bush
by Jamie April 29, 2004

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