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A white chick that dates only a nigger and completely supports him financially, pays his rent, drives him everywhere, does his laundry, pays for his drugs, all because the nigger is to lazy to make his own way in this World.
Man, Heather is a fuckin' coal hauler and she does everything for Kelvin, that big, fat, lazy assed nigger!!
by herolin December 07, 2005
305 144
One white rtraditional fat chick who digs the dark (coal) meat.
That chick won't dig you man, she is a coal hauler.
by JMD December 07, 2004
79 43
A white bitch that dates only niggers and supports them financially because they are too lazy to work.
Man Heather is a coalhauler. She supports that lazy nigger Kelvin and all he does is lay around all day, chase other women and beat her when she gets home from work.
by MJ D February 20, 2006
38 25