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One of a few good nu-metal bands out there. Meegs, Dez and Mike are all beautful! :) Lead singer Dez Fafara has great vocals.
Its the darkest place like beneath the stairs.....
by i slayed your mom last night December 28, 2003
Band that rocks and most preps would hate them because they only like pussy pop bands like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan who SUCK CHODE and are fucktards who sing about "girls dont like boys, girls like cars and money"...
One step forward, two steps back, three steps forward.. GO!!!!!
by LaUrA -- AnDrOmEdA647 on AiM July 21, 2003
A nu metal band that pretty much sounded like KoRn if they had something of a goth influence and Rob Zombie was their lead singer. They got their big break because of Ozzy Osbourne, who got them on the setlist for Ozzfest 1996, appeared in the video for "Loco," their signature (non-cover) song, and made a guest appearance on their cover of "Shock the Monkey."

Other than that, the main things they had going for them were their female bassist and their ridiculous hairstyles. Overall, they were pretty meh, and certainly far from the worst their genre had to offer. Their lead singer is now the frontman for another band called DevilDriver, where he does not sound like Rob Zombie.
Guy #1: Hey man, did you go to that Coal Chamber show last night? It was LOCO!

Guy #2: Are they even around anymore?
by WeHaveExplosive September 07, 2013
Best band, period! Many people don't actually know what type of music they are. They are spook-core. The drumming for this band is great and the vocals from Bradley James "Dez" Fafara are simple amazing.
Coal Chamber: My Mercy (best song)
by Innanova February 07, 2004
Good band, they are not that heavy, you morons just heard the Dark Days album, which overall, is the heaviest but they are more dark than "death" and no they are NOT heavier than Slipknot.
Something in my mind keeps me satisfied,
Shoved aside to be pushed to the wayside.
If you lead I will follow you.

Vague memories in my mind they hide,
Shoved aside to get thrown by the wayside.
If you lead I will follow you.

Dreamtime comes quick when broken.
Keep me satisfied so help me.

So long i prayed for dreamtime,
So help me.

And it's inside of you my friend
Who'll save me who will?
It's all inside of you, dreamtime
by Aran'Gar April 21, 2004
A pretty decent heavy metal band, but like Slipknot, they're NOT Death Metal. They're slightly heavier than Slipknot, though.
Best songs: Fiend, Dark Days, Something Told Me

Frontman Dez Fafara has a much better band called Devildriver that's actual Death Metal.
Fiend for the fans and fodder for the puh-RES!
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
A 4-piece alternative metal band formed in '97 that lasted for 8 years. Also known as the guys who ripped-off White Zombie's sound.
Coal Chamber was very good alt. metal band (that is until System of a Down made the scene). Only thing that they needed was some originality (and the irony in this is that alternative music can easily be original that most other genres).
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