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A way of shooting a guy down using a whole clip.

If you've seen the movie,
The drug dealer gets shot down with more than one shot.
Nigga ima go coach carter on you.
by someguy January 29, 2005
7 35
(Basketball) When shooting an open three-pointer on a fast break rather than taking an easy layup. Inspired by a movie of the same name.
"Coach Carter!" Swoosh. Stupid, but bold.
by Dr. Heywood Floyd January 10, 2009
12 1
A phrase used to describe something either superficially inspirational or downright sappy.
First Example

Movie Doctor: Sir, it looks like your son is going to survive the truck accident after all.

Movie Father: COACH CARTER!

Second Example

Driving Teacher: Well, you'll be glad to know that because you saved the family farm from the evil corporation AND drove so well, you are getting your license today!

Driving Student: This news is so Coach Carter!
by Calcium Deficiency May 12, 2008
16 5