An area in the northern hemisphere where you can feel so free and disregard its liberal views. Many would say there isn't a better place on earth.
The CNA is the place to be!
CNA all the way!
by P. Mom™ January 15, 2009
Top Definition
poor unfortunate employees who are disrespected constantly by patients and nurses. They are on the front line for a code brown or when someone's ass needs to be wiped. A.k.a. the most overworked, yet underpaid job in the history of employment :) Our world could not function without the nursing assistants, yet people constantly berate these cursed people.
well, it looks like another patient went apeshit on a cna for giving her water with ice. Of course this poor cna had know way of knowing that this patient did not like ice.
by krh90 August 20, 2009
Certified Nurses Aide. Works in a healthcare facility assisting with daily living tasks of the elderly.
Nila works at Long Term Care as a CNA, a Certified Nurses Aide, but she could also be refered to as a Conosour of Nuts and Ass.
by Lori January 13, 2005
1. A person who cares for those who can't do it for themselves

2. The person who takes care of your gramma when your parents dump her in the nursing home.
The CNA takes care of people who cant take care of themselves
by Miya_pooh April 07, 2006
CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. These are people who are underpaid and usually underappreciated. They work hard, doing the menial or unpleasant jobs which, if they weren't done would make the patients life intolerable. They usually carry out their work with no fuss and are frequently moaned at by the patients they look after. Nurses tend to look down on them, and it was possibly from this quarter that they received the sobriquet 'Cleaner of Nasty Arses'.
When my Gran was in hospital, there was this CNA who was brilliant. She looked after my Gran as if she was her own.
by Croatalin January 23, 2014
hEY gILBERT, i AM SO OVER this nursing C.N.A job. I cant be CLEANING NALGAS ALL DAY.
by DUBZERO June 30, 2010
Chuck Norris Approved
Mike is totally CNA.. he is the best
by cn approved January 19, 2012
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