Acronym: Crenshaw Mafia Gangster. Used to describe a member of the Bloods gang unit: The Crenshaw Mafia. See also: CMYG.
"Nick is a CMG" or "That foo hit us up CMG"
by Nick October 08, 2004
Casi Me Cago
It's Spanish. When laughing at a joke or comment you almost poop your pantsCMG.
by Ice Master J Flash January 04, 2011
Some straight up gangstas
CMG runs this shit
by joose May 26, 2003
CMG is a real rap crew from norfolk virginia
CMG all day
by CMGReppa May 26, 2010
Shortform of "call me god" often used by online gamers.
b4sh0r^aFk: olo h4xx0r
kuschel: stfu, cmg b00n...
by kuschel April 28, 2004
Ca$h Money Grillionaire plus, when tha light hit tha ice it twankle and glistens. Dey da #1 stunnaz wa wa wa wa
by lil Wayne May 27, 2003

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