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a species of fish, mostly cod or haddock
I had cly for dinner
by jimmy clark November 06, 2007
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The space between the crotch amd anus. Also known as the gooch, grundle, bridge or tgaint
*kid jumps 20 steps on skateboard, wrecks and does a split while the broken board stabs him in between the legs*

Kid 1: AHHHHHHHH!!!!

kid 2: yo man, calm down, just calm down.

Kid 1: it hurts soo bad *reaches in pants, pulls out blood covered hand*

Kid 2: where does it hurt?

Kid 1: in between my balls and my ass hole

Kid 2: oh, the cly. Shit we better take you to the hospital.
by J4CK 1T 00F July 08, 2011
cly means bye or goodbye
cly everyone i known and every one i will ever know
by Dennis/Hans April 22, 2005

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