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A baked, often foul smelling, version of a clute (Something somewhere between a clitoris and a penis)

A clutie pie can come in an abundance of flavors, and can be found at the local flee market.
Such flavors include:
yeast infection, herpes, tuna, and african sweat.

Usually, cats are very drawn to the smell, and will flock to the clutie pie in question.
"Hey ese, that girl last night turned out to be a total clutie pie"

"A clutie pie?"

"Yea, like a baked clute..."

"Oh really, what flavor?"

"Somewhere between herps and african sweat."

"Oh yummy."

"Yea, but her cats kept trying to lick her while we were doing the deed."

"Oh. Sucks"
by shooot the clute August 14, 2009
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