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Collective noun for administrators in a school
When P. hacked into the computer system the clutch went into spanish inquisiton, complete with comfy chairs. It was a real cluster fuck.
by Puri D May 10, 2006
stepping up to do something for others when they need help, doing something nice for someone
You guys were so clutch today, thanks
by shanny_o July 21, 2005
Clutch is something really sweet.
"I got an A on my paper." "Oh that was clutch" Also see clutchbag
by al July 18, 2004

one who is last left alive in a counter-strike scrimmage, and is able to win that round for his team.
KSharp is clutch, he can always take his team to victory!
by parker vaughn May 19, 2004
absolutely essential to success; top priority
this sexy car is clutch when I go cruising
by Anonymous October 20, 2002
Originating in select areas of the University of Maryland, clutch is a noun used to describe a person who is, essentially, a bitch. A clutch is often the subject of jokes and is usually excluded from social events because of the bitch-assery that they tend to exhibit.
Person 1: Yo, did you see that v-neck David was wearing today?
Person 2: Yeah dude, what a clutch.
by Saint Chen September 25, 2009
When something is preformed well and it was done fast.
a:"I stole the remote"
b:"I didn't even see you. That was so clutch"
by thats clutch 131274633 January 30, 2009