Adjective: Used to describe something that is really great or interesting by someone who is actually not cool at all and has no idea.

Noun: Sometimes used as a noun by someone who doesn't understand its meaning.

This word is often forced into conversation in an attempt to make it popular.
"That basketball game was so clutch."


"We should go downtown tonight, it would be totally clutch."
by Jon Lawhorn February 08, 2010
David Freese
did you watch that world series game?
ya, David Freese came up clutch!
by Rjsee October 27, 2011
A super, hip, girly word used by teenage girls in the 90's. A common phrase in the hit television series "Clueless". Definitely a girl thing.
"Oh my god Brittany, you new scrunchy is totally clutch!"

"Brians new ride is super clutch, you know?"
by BrittanyMAY October 09, 2013
Pulling something good out of a tight situation.
"dude i totally boned that chick last night even after i gave her the angry pirate the other night"

"OHHHH!! Clutch!!!"
by Aweiker13 January 18, 2008
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