key, perfect, appropriate
a-"Emily, that is so clutch!"
e-"You need to define that for me."
a-"I did, and now it's on urban dictionary."
e-"oh, urban dictionary is so clutch."
by eziekiel November 02, 2006
To get something done in an impossible quick amount of time and in a disorderly manner.
Yo Tarek, we need to clutch the English assignment for next period.
by Toritto November 07, 2010
Clutch; - Perfect, Exactly what is needed, (also used like "score" or "awesome", as an exclamation.)
ie; "Thank god there is a gas station right there, were almost on empty bro"


ie; "Dude I just found $30 in my pocket! Hella clutch!"
by JustinOBuchanan March 08, 2014
to perform when the pressure is on and you are being heavily relied on. a big-time situation.
derek jeter
tory holt
my good self
are all clutch
by andrew osullivan November 29, 2006
When you are the last man in Search and Destroy and there is two or more people on the other team and you win.
I just totaly did a 5v1 Clutch!
by CODman158 January 02, 2011
In first person shooter games such as Call of Duty, people use the term "clutch".

This term is normally carried out in a game mode called Search and Destroy, where there is no respawning and whoever dies will have to sit back and wait until the rest of the players on the opposing or friendly team are eliminated.

The term "clutch" is used in situations where there is only 1 person on one team and multiple enemies on the other. This term is used when the person takes out all the multiple enemies on the opposing side.
Holy shit dude, did you see that clutch? He took out 5 players!
by TheCallofDutyfanatic December 14, 2010
Clutch is used for people who exceed under a lot of pressure situations.
Ashwin: "Chris, Ben, Michael, Aria, Zucchini, Dan, and Dbow are the most clutch people that i know."
by cptnmorgan08 May 22, 2008
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