SIIIIICK! Something that is sick. Pronounced with a downward intonation.
Shantown's photo editing skilz are really clutch.
by Christopher Clutch October 24, 2006
Top Definition
to perform under pressure
In the last few seconds of a close game, only a player with clutch can lead the team to victory.
by CPD September 28, 2003
Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.
"The other day I was really hungry but thought I had no money on me. Then I found five dollars in my jacket pocket--that was clutch."
by FtG January 08, 2006
the crucial moment that comes between winning and losing

being able to perform under extreme pressure
Kobe can only sink 3's in the clutch

(Derived from the clutch mechanism in a manual car, where perfect timing can mean the difference between a launch and a stall)
by Hav February 27, 2004
Great, Essential, and Potent rolled into a single word. Clutch is also used to describe something that is done, not something that is.
Stealing your orange soda was so clutch.

Pulling the special move on Jenna was clutch.
by Ezra June 30, 2003
coming through when you are needed most in high pressure situations
"yo did you see that catch? that was clutch"
by berserkerror08 April 24, 2006
The assembly that engages and disengages a transmission. Performing successfully while under pressure. A group of baby birds. A ladies handbag. A grasp or hold.
Nice work with that clutch dumbass, that gear didn't need all those teeth anyway!
by numerator April 30, 2005
Conveniently awesome.
You are really craving a Dr. Pepper. You go to the fridge, there's one left. So CLUTCH.
by SuperHawk October 19, 2009
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