a chocolate bar full of peanuts and fuck
Mike loves cluster fucks.
by William Snell December 13, 2007
A diamond cluster ring, with these economic times are considered clusterfucks because the small stones they put in these rings are worthless, yet they charge outrageous prices.
You bought me a clusterfuck
by 2tontone May 11, 2009
a large group of hot horny people looking for some fun
naked people rolling around in mud or a slippery surface
fat people sitting around eating
1)i still have mud stuck under my nuts from that clusterfuck last night.
by boomboomkittyfuckk March 27, 2009
when there is more than one penis inside the vagina
the girl was cluster fucked by the two men
by tntrocky222 July 29, 2008
A term used to describe the state of the streets and roads of Puerto Rico, which are full of craters, holes, and rocks intertwined in labyrinth-like ways and only funnel-like exits to them inevitably leading to constant traffic jams. And this goes without mentioning the often psychotic, fast, rude, and just plain bad drivers.
Dude 1: "I hit a hole earlier that took out my front left tire."
Dude 2: "Man, these streets are a complete clusterfuck!"
by nessfive0five June 11, 2008
A large of similar people that group together and crowd hallways, streets, sidewalks, and any other place you are trying to get through like at the movies or mall
Oh my gosh why is everyone clusterfucking lunch isn't even over yet.
by The Cat's Pajamas February 01, 2008
A term used in sailing races when a lot of boats reach the buoy at the same time. Lots of yelling and swearing is involved, usually directed at the captains of other boats, or at your own boat's crew. High risk of collision. Often followed with excessive drinking.
"Whew, glad to be out of that cluster fuck, pop open a beer for me, will ya?"
by Port tack pirate August 22, 2007

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