when there is more than one penis inside the vagina
the girl was cluster fucked by the two men
by tntrocky222 July 29, 2008
An impossible situation that causes much frustration but often is unforseen. These give a person a headache when simply thinking about resolving one.
When you invite three girls to a party and try to hook up with all of them, then you have a real cluster fuck on your hands.
by Andy Rozo November 29, 2005
1)A large group of people willingly confined in a small area.

2)A crowd of people trying to file into a room through a doorway at the SAME TIME!!!
1)"Damn, the daily clusterfuck of jocks in the hallway always seems to migrate toward my locker."

2)" Whats with the giant clusterfuck in front of Mrs. Petries Class?"

"Oh that?She's just doing her daily workout with that gay Simmons guy."
by MadxCore August 20, 2008
when, in a video game, someone throws grenades or some other explosives at dead bodies, with the intent being to blow up and humiliate any sack packers who try and teabag the body.
Player 1: Dude, I just clusterfucked five noob sack packers who tried to teabag your corpse!
Player 2: Awesome! and I just sniped your ass while you were talking!
Player 1: Fuck! You backstabbing cockbite.
by Kid Aqua December 15, 2007
a situation in which things have been botched either repeatedly, or by numerous people
He started this clusterfuck, I'm just trying to save my ass.
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
A group of men arranged in a circle with each fucking the man in front of him in the ass.

Used to describe something that is hopelessly entangled.
Man, I tried to straighten out all the cables in my entertainment center but it was a complete cluster fuck.

by T Keller May 19, 2008
The Metal Gear Online beta, offered for download and play by Konami which has now been restricted to Japan only after massive server failure
Dude did you try out the MGO beta?
Nah, twas a clusterfuck of epic proportions
by McTalon April 22, 2008

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