a deep fried cum ball covered in chocolate with nuts.
my clusterfuck melted!
by Fo Sizzler November 20, 2009
Military term now used by teenagers who like Dane Cook.
I was playing CoD and I was playing with a clusterfuck of n00bs
by BigAng November 14, 2009
When someone parks behind you and blocks everyone from being able to back out of the driveway
"Dammit! Someone clusterfucked the driveway"
by CptMightMouse July 09, 2009
a series of events that fuck up your day!
I was driving down the road and saw a bad accident,that caused a lot of traffic, that would be a clusterfuck!
by lizzie lizzard May 10, 2009
Any Halo 3 match.
The guys just kept respawning... heading over to the control point... killing the guy there, getting killed by the guy right behind them. It was a total clusterfuck.
by cjwright79 January 04, 2009
When an orgy is crashed by a bunch of gay men, they then tie everyone up and rape the shit out of them
My ass is sore. i was having an orgy but some gay guys cluster fucked us!
by Amiable companion Friday September 15, 2010
A group orgy.
person: That was a great clusterfuck last night!
Person2: Inorite?!
by ToxicCupCake November 13, 2009

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