When everything that everyone does seems to backfire into one, giant, unfiltered mess. Usually involves Mongolians.
Well, that's one great big Clusterfuck.
Of Mongolians?!?
by maynard j gillis October 09, 2009
Any Halo 3 match.
The guys just kept respawning... heading over to the control point... killing the guy there, getting killed by the guy right behind them. It was a total clusterfuck.
by cjwright79 January 04, 2009
The combination of things one loves.
Guy 1: Dude! they took an ipod and a book and mashed it together!

Guy 2: What a clusterfuck!
by Empire Ants February 17, 2011
the mixture of peanut-butter and fuck
Girl : omg there's peanut butter everywhere
Boy : what a cluster fuck
by lelebebee4547 July 26, 2010
Clusterfuck (Noun) - a person who is a destroyer of lives. This person is one who must be continuously validated within life and by doing so, he or she will repeatedly seek the acceptance of not only their peers, but complete strangers as well. In doing so, this person will lie, cheat, and talk shit behind others backs, in order to gain the acceptance of another, appease others, or even “show off” untrue acceptance of others. This person will often rip out the hearts of members of the opposite sex or even stab friends in the back in order to gain social gradification.
A tendency of such an individual goes as follows:

(1) Female clusterfucks found within the bar setting, will seek out easy prey men in order to obtain free drinks and let others observe the victim male following her about the bar. To his face she will be nice and flirtatious, but behind his back, she will tell strangers and friends how she is uninterested or creeped out by his presence. There is little known about such behavior, but one may speculate that this is done in order to attract other men, who may follow in the victim male’s lead. Perhaps, to show off to others on “how cool and wanted” she really is. Or even, to feel as if she is wanted, even if she is uninterested.
(2) If is often observed that clusterfucks have little to non self confidence. Confidence is gained through the validation of others. Clusterfucks will often talk shit on the opposite sex, telling false stories of being pursued by the opposite sex. Often, if the individual feels in conversation that one may not favor a particular person, they will tell spread rumors or talk shit on that person, even if that person is a close and long time friend.
(3) It is simple to say that clusterfucks are indecisive. In fact, they may be so indecisive that they are unable to make normal, day-to-day decisions. Apartments or housing of such indivisuals are often found in a mess, because they can not decide when to clean. They may often become flakes, because they are unable to plan out their day or just can not make the decision of what they want to do. They are unable to make big decisions in their careers, schooling, or even picking appropariate boyfriends/girlfriends.
(4) Clusterfucks are often found in a disarray of drama. They continuously have some “huge crisis” within their life that really is not that bad. They will often make choices that will lead to complete chaos and observers may often reconcile with the fact that this person is drama, because they need to feel that there is a crisis within their life in order to feel important to others and themselves.
by Miss Slaughter March 02, 2010
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