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A person who treats the medical condition of cluster headaches by using hallucinogenic substances, especially shrooms.
I used to suffer a lot with cluster headaches, but since I became a Cluster Buster I haven't had a single headache.
by JJA December 22, 2004
The accidental act of crushing ones nuts. This can be done by either sitting down when they are nestled directly between the thighs, or wearing ones trousers too tight.
"Sorry boss, won't be in today. Got on my bike drunk last night, slipped and suffered a cluster buster."
by Matty Boy March 09, 2004
One who clusterbusts
The group of clusterbusters had made Jane lose her dignity.
by Mike/Bill December 29, 2004
When a man pulls down his pants, dips his testicle sack in blue paint, runs at an unsuspecting victim and jumps high enought to stamp them across the forehead leaving a smear of blue carnage.
Bro, that chick was being a total va jay jay last night, so when she came out of the bathroom i totally owned her with a cluster buster. epic.
by Urban Nite. March 04, 2009
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