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A sex toy for women that is designed to be plunged (see thrusted, shoved or inserted) into the clunge (abbr. clit, cunt and minge) or general clunal (see clunge) area for the purposes of vaginal stimulation or for making your friends look gay while they are asleep.
Alright lovely, you look ace there all tied up with nowhere to go. I'm going to take your clunge-plunger and plunge your clunge like tomorrow never died.
by Quinapulus October 03, 2010
A menstural blood disposal and extraction method involving a plunger being applied to the clunge in order for a vacuum to occur which extracts the menstural blood from the clunge.

Clunge Plunge for Plunging that Clunge, when in need; lunge for the clunge with a clunge plunge.

copyright. Sir. Peter Cook
Mate i totally plunged her clunge with a Clunge-Plunger, no blood, know what i say. Wag Warn!!
by Doctor Plunge October 18, 2009
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