Female genitalia, Vagina, Minge, Flange, Cock Holster, Aladdin's Cave, Flesh, Raw Meat, Fish

Just female sex stuff really :)
'She had some meaty clunge for a young 'un'

'When was the last time you got any?'
'whoa nob head I happened to be knee deep in clunge last night in your mum's room'
#vagina #flange #meat #front bum #cock massager
by Jay Cartwright August 03, 2009
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"Ive got a right stinky clunge"
by Sheena July 13, 2003
A British name for a vagina
I smashed that girls clunge good and proper.
#cunt #vagina #gash #twat #pussy
by anon June 17, 2006
Female Genitalia, almost Onomatopoeic.
I've Been Itching for some Clunge.


My Clunge is Itching
by Kippski July 27, 2005
Clunge= the blurt, the ham wallet, the spam purse, the gammon alley or if you prefer- the cod pouch.
(one may be heard yelling )
"Geeeeee us a swatch o yer clunge!!!"
#clunge #blurt #clungehammer #purse #wallet
by HamWallet April 07, 2006
Sl. Vulg. Female genitalia esp vagina.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about clunge all day long.
by Jasp August 05, 2003
vagina. can also be used more broadly to describe girls in general - similar to gash. used a lot by jay from the inbetweeners.
"there's plenty more clunge in the sea"
#gash #minge #muff #girls #cunt
by hargecarn May 30, 2009
Term frequently used in the U.K. for female genitialia.
"Tom got some clunge last night, innit"
#vagina #pussy #anus #sex #crunge
by Jacktheripperlovepussy September 27, 2009
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