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The typical homosexual way of saying vagina, no one straight uses this. Seriously, when's the last time you heard someone say "I'm going to take the clunge"? Or "I'm going to plunge the hell out of that clunge?"

It sounds more like some sort of product you'd see at 1 in the morning than something you'd use an awkward sexual advance.

tl;dr a typical British word for vagina
British Male: Cheerio doll, how would you like to show off that clunge there yes indeed?

Female: What...?

British Male: *sips tea* Your cooter there

Female: What...?

British Male: Bloody hell for the love of Freddie Mercury and the Queen, your vagina!!!
by anon1978 July 02, 2009
14 53
"Ive got a right stinky clunge"
by Sheena July 13, 2003
1844 617
Slang term for Female genitalia

commonly used in comedy show "The Inbetweeners"
Jay: You may want to bring your wellies with you
Neil: Why?
Jay: Cause you'll be knee deep in Clunge!!
by Gingeboy May 15, 2009
1432 535
A British name for a vagina
I smashed that girls clunge good and proper.
by anon June 17, 2006
1209 668
Female Genitalia, almost Onomatopoeic.
I've Been Itching for some Clunge.


My Clunge is Itching
by Kippski July 27, 2005
1037 580
Clunge= the blurt, the ham wallet, the spam purse, the gammon alley or if you prefer- the cod pouch.
(one may be heard yelling )
"Geeeeee us a swatch o yer clunge!!!"
by HamWallet April 07, 2006
868 523
Sl. Vulg. Female genitalia esp vagina.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about clunge all day long.
by Jasp August 05, 2003
343 214
That part of a woman between midriff and knees, in the vertical; and between the thighs, in the horizontal. The flange.
"Jesus, what a slapper," quoth Hubert. "Had I tried, methinks I could have got my whole head up her clunge!"
by percyhalfpig January 29, 2004
341 222