vagina. can also be used more broadly to describe girls in general - similar to gash. used a lot by jay from the inbetweeners.
"there's plenty more clunge in the sea"
by hargecarn May 30, 2009
The matter formed inside female genitalia after unprotected intercourse. A thick viscous substance.
'She was well clunged up.' said Nigel.

'I gave her a first class clunging last night.'
by Ratom November 09, 2007
The typical homosexual way of saying vagina, no one straight uses this. Seriously, when's the last time you heard someone say "I'm going to take the clunge"? Or "I'm going to plunge the hell out of that clunge?"

It sounds more like some sort of product you'd see at 1 in the morning than something you'd use an awkward sexual advance.

tl;dr a typical British word for vagina
British Male: Cheerio doll, how would you like to show off that clunge there yes indeed?

Female: What...?

British Male: *sips tea* Your cooter there

Female: What...?

British Male: Bloody hell for the love of Freddie Mercury and the Queen, your vagina!!!
by anon1978 July 02, 2009
well known from the inbetweeners
I wanna know where the ladies are at.
lets ask the bouncer where the club full of clunge is
by emily2k14 October 01, 2014
A British vagina.
ChrisV90 viciously ate out that girls clunge.
by Gatsbysandhu September 18, 2014

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