vagina. can also be used more broadly to describe girls in general - similar to gash. used a lot by jay from the inbetweeners.
"there's plenty more clunge in the sea"
by hargecarn May 30, 2009
Used to associate with a girl.
I'm in clunge heaven. This is the ultimate clunge magnet.
by Pringle Mingle September 17, 2011
Female genitalia, Vagina, Minge, Flange, Cock Holster, Aladdin's Cave, Flesh, Raw Meat, Fish

Just female sex stuff really :)
'She had some meaty clunge for a young 'un'

'When was the last time you got any?'
'whoa nob head I happened to be knee deep in clunge last night in your mum's room'
by Jay Cartwright August 03, 2009
Popular nostalgic food item amongst expatriate men.
I'll have a savaloy & clunge twice please.
by Jasp August 05, 2003
A word often used to describe a fit girl who is younger than you, usually past the appropriate age gap
Boy 1: That girl over there is well fit
Boy 2: Yeah but shes three years below us
Boy 1: Clunge!!

Boy 1: Look at that Clunge over there
Boy 2: That is some good Clunge
by Tienanmen May 11, 2010
A word used instead of the usual "C" word. Or just generally used as an insult.
Jord, your such a clunge.
by Captain_61 January 01, 2008
An unpleasantly viscous vagina.
Her gooey, gungy, clunge smelt like rotten prawns after a day of wearing pvc trousers.
by Pavly February 22, 2008
The matter formed inside female genitalia after unprotected intercourse. A thick viscous substance.
'She was well clunged up.' said Nigel.

'I gave her a first class clunging last night.'
by Ratom November 09, 2007

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